If you were able to attend my presentation at NCLA 2011, I hope you enjoyed it and got a lot of great ideas! Feel free to email me ( or leave a comment here if you have any questions, or have a project you’d like help with.

My presentation is available, and there’s also a very detailed handout showing exactly how to compile information from multiple pages in MorningStar in 2007. I’m happy to generate similar handouts for anything you need for your students or staff.

I also go into more detail about some of the things mentioned in the presentation in my blog! Many links are listed below, but if there’s a subject I covered that you want more detail on, feel free to email me about that, too.

how to find them
the concatenate function
Parsing Text
parsing text with the right & left functions
parsing text with the middle function

File manipulation
comma separated values and tab delimited text
importing files
exporting files

paste special (values)
paste special (transpose)
pasting from websites / paste special (as text)

Columns, Rows, & Worksheets
freezing rows & columns
Inserting columns
Inserting and copying worksheets

Sorting & Filtering Data
sorting with concatenated columns

Charts & Graphs
general information about
how to make pie charts
how to make bar/column charts
how to make line graphs
how to customize charts & graphs