If() help wizard

If you’re having trouble reading an if() function as it’s written in the cell, or if you’re just having trouble remembering which part is which, you can always use the wizard to help.

For example, the formula I used to only show each year once in a list of dates was =if(month(Date)=1,concatenate(” “,year(Date)),””). However, it might be easier to read as this:

That’s the help wizard screen from Microsoft Excel. As you can see it separates the parts, tells you what should go in each part, and shows you each part’s results.

To get to it, go to the “Formulas” tab and click on “Insert Function”. Then type IF in the search box and click Go. After that, select IF() from the search results, and click OK.

Open Office has something similar:

To get to it, click on Insert and then Function…, or type ctrl-F2. After that there are two ways to get to the wizard. The first and simplest is to type =if() in the Formula box — that will bring the wizard up immediately, as soon as it identifies which function you want. The other option is to select the Logical category, then either select the IF() function and click Next>>, or double-click the IF() function.

Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t have this helpful option.