Noon and midnight

If you’re like me, whenever you see “12:00 pm” or “12:00 am” you need to stop and think for a moment as to whether that’s noon, or midnight. I know I’m not the only one this happens to, since at work there was recently a 10am – 12am shift made available, and I guarantee you that none of our shifts are 14 hours long.

So if you want your spreadsheet to display “Midnight” and “Noon” instead of 12:00 AM or PM, you can do it pretty easily using an if() statement. Continue reading Noon and midnight

Inserting rows or columns in incremental formulas

Some time back I set up an accounting spreadsheet for my local neighborhood association, and one of the things it did was keep a running balance by adding the credits and subtracting the debits for the current row to the balance on the previous row. Last week the current treasurer contacted me saying that the spreadsheet was no longer working, and asked if I could figure out what was wrong. What happened was a very common problem that crops up when you use incremental formulas, but the fix is also very easy. Continue reading Inserting rows or columns in incremental formulas