Formatting elements: Alignment (How to)

In a spreadsheet, alignment is basically how the text is positioned in the cell.  There are four main aspects to alignment: horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, text wrapping, and cell merging.  There are also additional possibilities that some spreadsheets might support, and some might not.  These include things like text orientation, text direction, cell margins, and automatically shrinking text to fit in a cell.

That’s a lot of aspects to discuss, and when I started writing I found that I had a lot to say about most of them. Therefore I decided to switch things up a little for this topic. This week I’m going to discuss how to do all of these options, then for the next several weeks I’ll take 1 or 2 of these aspects per week and explain what they are, and what you can & can’t do with them.  I’m going to be illustrating things as I go along, so I might or might not think of a enough other things for “Nifty things” page at the end.

Most have button shortcuts for the more common options, but they’re often dispersed and not all of the options appear. Therefore I’m only going to talk about how to get to the formatting screen that lets you edit them all in one place for any program that has such a possibility. Continue reading Formatting elements: Alignment (How to)