Formatting elements: Backgrounds (About)

Backgrounds, also known as fill, color, or shading, can be a great formatting element in a table, and can really make it a lot more visually appealing and easier to read, but if misused they can have the opposite effect. So before getting into how to set backgrounds in various programs I’m first going to take a little while to discuss what you can, can’t, and might be able to do with backgrounds in spreadsheets, as well as what you should, shouldn’t, and must do. Continue reading Formatting elements: Backgrounds (About)

Conditional Formatting Conflict Resolution

Last week I promised to talk about conflicts in conditional formatting.

A conflict in conditional formatting occurs when you have two rules that could apply to the same cell. For example, if rule1 applies if the cell value is greater than 3, and rule2 applies if the cell is greater than 6, then if the actual value is 7 or above then both rules could apply. Likewise, if one rule applies to everything greater than 0, and another applies to everything less than 5, then both rules could apply to everything between zero and five. Continue reading Conditional Formatting Conflict Resolution