NCLA announcement

Just a quick announcement: The annual North Carolina Library Association conference is starting a little more than a week from today. I’ll be presenting Thursday, October 6th from 4:15 to 5:30 on the uses of spreadsheets, and showing off some more complex project ideas than I’ve yet been able to talk about here. Even if you can’t make it to the presentation feel free to corner me and ask any questions you have! If you want to know what I look like so you can spot me, there’s a picture here.


While we’re on the topic of removing things, I want to talk about adding and removing entire worksheets. I’ll start by explaining what they are, why you would want them at all, why you’d want insert more of them, and why you’d want to delete one or more of them. Next week I’ll talk about how to do a variety things to worksheets (including adding and deleting them).
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Deleting or removing cells: About

Before I move on to the next common error, which is the error that occurs when you refer to something you’ve deleted (briefly called “missing references”) I want to talk about deleting rows/columns/cells. In this post I’ll be discussing why you might want to do it, and some of the options you’ll encounter when you do. Next week I’ll discuss the nuts and bolts on how to do it in various programs. I’m probably going to be doing a lot more of these split posts in the future, since the topics I’m covering now often have a lot more options and intricacies to be discussed than the earlier ones did. Continue reading Deleting or removing cells: About